Sunday, 21 July 2013

Yes, Yes, Let's Make Homelessness a Crime!

I read that the United Kingdom may consider declaring homelessness a crime under the new Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime, and Policing Bill featured in a recent speech from the Queen.
It should be a crime.

Only I think they are considering arresting the wrong people.

The homeless are not the criminals, WE are the criminals for allowing our fellowmen to fall through the cracks.

And no, I do not believe our governments should be responsible, or that they should take from us and put our money into programs to care for the homeless. I think you and I should have been aware and involved long before it came to mental illness, and drugs, and lost hope, and a park bench or a darkened doorway.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Parents Are People Too.


When children are small, parents can seem tall and strong and full of wisdom. They can always be there. They can never give up.

Some kids grow up and they never really look at their parents again. They have the 25 year old version of them stuck in their heads .... The one where the parents gave everything and never needed anything and all that they were and anything they might have needed was hidden from view.

A child crying for their mom in the middle of the night because there is a monster under the bed doesn't know that her best friend just died and that she has been up every night worrying about how to pay the mortgage or put food on the table. That child does not know that things have not been great between their mom and dad and that she is sick and that she finally just closed her eyes for some much needed sleep. They just know they cry, and mom comes, and she makes it all better.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Jumping Off The Double Masectomy Cliff.


There are times in life when I have been convinced I am down the rabbit hole and running around in an insane nightmare where people's disturbing behaviour is only trumped by the mass acceptance of it all as normal.
Angelina Jolie has had both her breasts removed because she does not want to die of cancer. Next she will have her ovaries removed. Her husband applauds her move as courageous and talks about what a bonding time it was for them to share that journey. Other women are lining up at the surgeons office as we speak, wanting the same procedure done.

I hope they know that looking and being like Angelina Jolie does not then genetically predispose them to getting a husband like Brad Pitt.

Is this not like a mother's worst nightmare of "if your friends jump off a cliff ... are you going to jump too?"

I know, I know. Watching a loved one die, suffering with cancer, is horrible. I know that will be the argument set out. It is the new way of covering our ears to protect ourselves from anything we don't want to hear. We throw out heart wrenching incidents that make everyone uncomfortable. You don't tell someone who has just nursed their own mother or sister or wife through breast cancer to their death that they should behave or think in any certain way. You put your arms around them and be there.

They all deserve us to be there. They also deserve dignity and truth and answers. They have a right to be afraid and to do everything they can to make sure it does not happen to anyone else in their family.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

What If ...?

"Everyone has somebody in their life who leans on them from time to time, or depends on them for answers. We can't always be assured of knowing the truth, but we should at least have our eyes open and be willing to search. " Aria E. Appleford

Human Beings are creatures of comfort. We like what we know, we like routine, we cling to our habits ... even in the face of danger. We smoke, drink, do drugs, overeat ... regardless of the perils to our health ... because we like it. Every year we say we are going to exercise more ... and we don't. We like the known.

No-one ever started out being an alcoholic. If someone saw that you take one drink and end up in a gutter unable to control your bladder ... it would not take the first drink. But the first drink is presented as beautiful people being sophisticated or popular kids having fun. It is represented as freedom. And you drink, and you don't die, and you may even have fun, get popular, and you forget about your problems for a few hours. And so you have a second experience ... and a third ... and a fourth ...

Friday, 1 March 2013

Reporting Child Abuse. Silent No More.

Dear Parents Who Abuse Your Children;

You may be able to blame the child as deserving it.

You may be able to claim they are incredibly clumsy.

You may have a partner that joins you in your despicable actions or at least covers for you.

You may be gifted at telling others lies to cover it.

You are undoubtedly gifted at convincing yourself you have every right.

You may be able to paint a pretty picture for people passing by, the perfect family, the loving mom, the great dad, but dirt always bleeds through even the best of paint jobs and you will be seen for what you are one day.

The truth will come out and when it does, we will not blame your child. No-one will raise a hand to strike you or torture or maim you, no-one will subject you to indecent acts ... because the rest of us are not like you. Everyone will know the truth. Life will exact it's revenge. God will expect answers. Perhaps even the most violent of our society that you may be locked up with will consider it their duty to do to you what you have done to your children.
The point is, as an adult, you had a choice ... to protect your child and have someone else care for him/her and seek help ... or to do what you have done. You are accountable.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Current Affair, Racism, and a Load of Crap.

I woke up this morning to an interesting contradiction. It was between what was written on my computer as an offering of my daily "news" and the real life of a family.
My daughter told me that her boys, both in early elementary school asked her what racism was. Yes you heard me right. She did not have to explain to them why racism was wrong ... she had to explain what it even was. The idea that there was a time when African Americans were not allowed to attend the same school as Whites was almost impossible for them to comprehend. The greater leap was "who told anyone that they could "own" other human beings," and "WHY did it happen?"
In the meantime, on my computer was the heading "Racism Scandal." I followed the link to read about how My Kitchen Rules was promoting racism. I was shocked, as I follow the show and did not see any of that. The Current Affair (part of Ninemsn News)Article showed 2 teams - both non-white - who had been labelled as "villians." They insisted this was evidence of racism. They neglected to mention that the teams are made up of all different ethnicities and cultutal backgrounds and that while the behaviour of these 2 teams did indeed make them unpopular, the third team that also was labelled as "villians" came in between the appearance of these two teams ... and was a white mother and daughter.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

I Am a Human Being.

Picture: "On Fire" by Elena Dudina.

I am NOT a disorder, a disease, or a syndrome.

I am a Human Being.

Even if I had a disorder, a disease, or a syndrome that would just be a small temporary (most likely) condition and not even "part" of me like my blue eyes. No-one would try to say I am "Blue Eyes."